17 Things Insiders Know about the Future of Personal Security



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Blackbox Preparedness is a hybrid private intelligence/emergency preparedness firm providing regular citizens with information on rarely known, top priority security threats as well as cutting-edge preparedness training online.  (Read more….)


Zed is the founder and principal of Black Box Preparedness. Zed is a consultant in the national security industry specializing in investigative analysis and open source intelligence in support of law enforcement and national security initiatives. (Read more….)


To engender a bottom-up (local) approach to security and preparedness by developing services and products that empower citizens, companies and municipalities to mitigate little-known, top priority security threats. (Read more….)

“The lecture I attended today was absolutely amazing. I consider myself a well-informed, discerning individual and today’s lecture opened me up to a world of events and issues that I had been ignorant of. This has opened me up to several topics to continue my self-education and allow me to be better informed to protect myself and my family.”


Self-Reliant Citizen, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Zed is extremely intelligent and well read. She could be an intelligence analyst– but on the side of ‘We the People.'”


Self-Reliant Citizen, Dallas, Texas

“Zed’s level of research is breathtaking. We can’t get enough quality information or tools to filter the information overload we endure daily.” Blake

Self-Reliant Citizen, Atlanta, Georgia

“It is obvious that Blackbox will become synonymous as a credible, serious player in the preparedness and global information sphere. Due diligence and relevance will be part of their core in trade. Well done! Recommended for individuals at every level of the information spectrum.”


Self-Reliant Citizen, Roanoke, Texas

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There are 17 Things You’ve Got to Know

These are 17 Things Insiders Know about the Future of Personal Security

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